JStock 1.05x

JStock 1.05x | 17.98MB | Windows XP/Vista/7
JStock is a free stock market software for 23 countries. It provides Real-Time stock info, Intraday stock price snapshot, Stock indicator editor, Stock indicator scanner, Portfolio management and Market chit chat features. SMS and email alert supported.
Requires Java Runtime Environment. Get It Here.

What's New in version 1.05x:

Feature: Stock Watchlist will able to load result saved from Stock Indicator Scanner. (#3176566)
Feature: Able to use left/right arrow key to move around yellow information boxes of Investment Flow Chart.
Feature: Make the stock purchase process smoother, by doesn't require user to press ENTER explicitly.
Feature: Automatic switch to the particular page, when user tries to activate a portfolio or watchlist.
Feature: Having a confirmation dialog box, to avoid user from clicking uninstall icon accidentally.
Feature: Indicator scanning completion progress will be displayed at status bar.
Bugfix: Able to suspend and resume network activity in PortfolioManagementJPanel when not in used, so that network resource is being preserved.
Bugfix: Adjust combo box popup width, so that horizontal scrollbar will not displayed.
Bugfix: Instead of limiting currency decimal places to 2 only, we allow them to float between 2 to 3, to avoid from losing precision.
Bugfix: Prevent user from uploading Stock Watchlist file with too many stocks to cloud server.
Bugfix: Under dividend dialog box, the stock selection through combo box will be sorted in alphabetical order

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